Thmorgan biodegradable instrument M9000 shipped to Sichuan Vocational and Technical College of Architecture

       Recently, Sichuan Vocational and Technical College of Architecture ordered 1 composting method biodegradable instrument M9000, thank you for the recognition of our products.

       Each channel of the biodegradation instrument is designed with an independent infrared probe, so that the concentration data can be collected once per second. The dual flowmeter design ensures accurate flow rate detection. The instrument is simple and convenient to operate, and the concentration and total data can be displayed in real time.



First, product use


1. Meet the test requirements of GB/T19277.1-2011 standard;

2. Meet the testing requirements of ISO14855.1 standard;

3. It can be used to study the biodegradability of bio-based materials and products;

4. It can be used for the biodegradability test of composting;

5. It can be used in other simulated aerobic compost to determine its carbon dioxide emission standard experiment.



Two, product characteristics

1. Fully meet the detection requirements of GB/T 19277.1 standard;

2. The design method of solid culture and open oxygen supply is adopted to simulate a strong aerobic environment;

3. High detection accuracy,9 independent infrared detection, real-time online measurement of carbon dioxide release;

4. Double display of carbon dioxide concentration and accumulation, which can be derived in the form of charts or curves;

5. Wide detection range, the highest detection limit can reach 10000ppm;

6. Silent design, 9-way independent controllable air supply, sound less than 45db;

7. Air bath temperature control, temperature adjustment accuracy ±0.1℃;

8. Automatic liquid level control, with automatic water refill design;

9. Cloud platform detection, real-time online observation of data and curves.


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Friday May 12, 2023