October 2023
Thmorgan introduces the M2400 , an infrared biodegrader for up-and-down compost
October 2022
Thmorgan is certified as a specialized new enterprise.
June 2022
Thmorgan has passed ISO9000 quality management system certification.
October 2021
Thmorgan launches fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument Q6, Q4 and Q2
July 2021
Thmorgan introduces PCR instrument G2000.
April 2021
Thmorgan launched its own production of nucleic acid extraction instrument MM96\ MM48\MM24.
March 2020
Thmorgan launched the weighing biodegrader M9000W, which meets GB/T 19277-2, and has become a company that has mastered the core technology of biodegrader production of four standards.
July 2019
Thmorgan launches hydroponic infrared biodegradation instrument T9000C\T1200C\T2400C, which meets GB/T 19276-2.
April 2018
Thmorgan launches the compost infrared biodegrader M9000\M1200\M2400, which meets GB/T 19277-1.
August 2017
Thmorgan launches the electrolytic respiration biodegrader T9000, which meets GB/T 19276-1.
December 2016
Thmorgan was once again recognized as a national high-tech enterprise.
July 2016
The first domestic electrolytic respiration biodegrader T6000.
October 2015
Thmorgan presided over the development and application project of inherent biodegraders (2.2 million yuan) of Beijing Science and Technology Commission and successfully completed it.
May 2014
Thmorgan Beijing branch settled in Zhongguancun Life Science Park.
January 2014
Thmorgan launches the MD series of microultraviolet spectrophotometers.