Maintenance of biodegradable instrument of Nanjing Environmental Science Institute, Ministry of Environmental Protection

Nanjing Institute of Environmental Sciences, Ministry of Ecology and Environment (hereinafter referred to as Nanjing Institute of Environmental Science) has been deeply studying biodegradation for many years, and highly recognizes Thmorgan's products. In the past ten years, Thmorgan has purchased several biodegradation instruments, including OM7000 and OM3100 from Japan, some of which have entered the aging stage. Recently, Thmorgan bioengineers made an in-depth return visit to Nanjing Environmental Science and Technology Institute to repair and maintain the products.

On March 29, two engineers conducted overhaul and maintenance on the products sold by our company in Nanjing Environmental Engineering Institute. They not only dealt with the aging pipeline, replaced the relevant parts and accessories, but also conducted comprehensive product training again. Based on their own experience in serving customers, engineers explained the precautions in software operation with customers, and achieved good results. In addition, the OM7000 biodegrader of Okura, Japan, will be thoroughly and firmly explained. The principle of the instrument will be combined with the on-site instrument demonstration, the structure and function of each module of the instrument will be introduced, and the maintenance key points, possible faults and solutions will be expounded. Engineers combined with their own rich experimental experience, to bring a variety of solutions for on-site customers. Customers new and old students are enthusiastic about learning, and actively communicate with engineers, training results are remarkable.

Listen to the voice of customers, improve user experience, to provide worry-free service for customers, is our service tenet. Find and solve problems in the process of return visit, ensure the continuous, stable and efficient operation of equipment, and do follow-up support work for customers. At the same time, Thmorgan Biological will continue to innovate, constantly upgrade and optimize products, and constantly break through itself, to meet the diversified needs of customers with high-quality products and high-quality services. The trust and recognition of customers is the source of the development of Thmorgan Biological.

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