【Statement】The general agent of SAIDA Biodegrader MODA-6/MODA-9 in China -- Tolmorgen Bio

In 2020, Thmorgan Biology reached a cooperation agreement with SAIDA of Japan and officially signed a letter of authorization. Thmorgan Biological became the regional general agent of SAIDA Biodegrader MODA-6/MODA-9 in China, responsible for market promotion, channel building, sales and after-sales work in China.

       Other merchants are unauthorized channels, in order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, please go to the formal channels for consultation. Thmorgan Biology: 4000-688-151


MODA-6/MODA-9 composting biodegrader

√ Can be used for biodegradability analysis of degradable plastics and other biobased materials;


√ meet GB/T 19277.2-2013;


√ Meet GB/T 22047-2008;


√ meet ISO 14855.2-2018;


√ Meet ISO 17556-2012



Thmorgan Marketing Department

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Monday April 3, 2023