Thmorgan electrolytic respiration biodegrader was installed and commissioned in Shenyang

Recently, the Thmorgan biodegrader completed installation and commissioning in Shenyang Zhongke Zhongheng Research Institute.

During this period, the engineers of the company trained the teachers, including the structure of the equipment, the working principle of electrolytic breathing, the operation and setting of the electrical parts of the equipment, and the operation and precautions of the leakage test. The engineer explained very professional, the teachers listened very carefully, for the various questions raised by the teachers, the engineer answered one by one. Finally, the teacher who is specially responsible for the equipment was given a one-to-one explanation, and the teacher actually operated part of the test steps. It is planned that the equipment will be officially sampled tomorrow, and formal training will be conducted again for the teacher in charge of the equipment.

The electrolytic respiration biodegradometer independently developed and produced by Thmorgan can measure the actual oxygen consumption of samples through charge movement, which can be used for bio-based biodegradability detection, meeting the national standard GB/T 19276-1, and can also be used for Marine biodegradability detection, meeting the national standard GB/T 40611-2011.

1. Product use

1. Can be used for bio-based biodegradability detection, meet GB/T 19276-1;

2. Can be used for Marine biodegradability detection,GB/T 40611-2011;

3. It can be used for the potential biodecomposition test of materials under the action of specific microorganisms, GB/T 19275-2003;

4. It can be used for biodegradability detection of degradable polyethylene film for packaging, GB/T 2461-1999;

5. Can be used for rapid biodegradability detection of chemicals, GB/T 21801, GB/T 21802, GB/T 21803;

6. Meet international standards OECD301C, OECD301F, OECD302C, EC-partc4, IS05815-1:2003, etc.;

7. Meet international standards OECD, EEC, ASTM, BBA, ISO, MITI test research;

8. Can be used for BOD3, BOD5, BOD7, BOD28, BOD42 and other determination;

9. Can be used for activated sludge biodegradation detection;

10. Can be used for microbial respiration measurement;


Second, product characteristics

1. The actual oxygen consumption of the sample was measured by charge movement;

2. No need to dilute the sample: the maximum detection limit can reach 10000 mg;

3. Continuous electrolytic oxygen supply: each bottle of electrolyte can provide several years of electrolytic oxygen;

4. Precision temperature control: water bath temperature control, temperature setting range 4-90℃, temperature adjustment accuracy ±0.1℃;

5. Number of channels: Each instrument includes 9 detection channels;

6. Magnetic mixing system: provide long time mixing;

7. Data output system: computer processing using specialized software, LCD monitor;

8. Automatic liquid level control: can be self-replenishment to prevent dry burning.