Thmorgan biodegrader was installed and commissioned in Shanxi University

Recently, Thmorgan's biodegrader M9000 completed installation and commissioning work at Shanxi University.


During the period, Shanxi University teachers and students put forward a series of professional questions, Thmorgan engineers carefully answered one by one, and the entire installation and commissioning process went smoothly.


Thmorgan's biodegrader M9000, double-layer reactor design to prevent anaerobic reactions; Lower gas supply design, more adequate response; Each channel uses an independent infrared probe design, which can collect concentration data once per second for more accurate sampling; Dual flow meter design ensures accurate flow rate detection; The reaction process can be sampled and analyzed, and equipped with deodorization and ammonia heating function; Temperature control range 4-99°, can be cooled or heated. Real-time display of concentration and total data for composting research. The instrument is easy to operate and is welcomed by customers.




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Thursday, February 29, 2024