Good news | Congratulates Thmorgan on being recognized as a national high-tech enterprise again

A few days ago, after the national high-tech Enterprise Organizing Committee review and identification, management official website publicity, Beijing Thmorgan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. once again passed the national "high-tech enterprise" certification, thanks to the relevant departments for Thmorgan's innovation ability and scientific research and technology ability again recognized!

"New and high-tech enterprises" refers to enterprises in the high-tech fields supported by the State, which continuously carry out research and development and transformation of technological achievements, form core independent intellectual property rights of enterprises, and continuously transform major new and high-tech achievements into productive forces. The title is confirmed and reported by the provincial accreditation agency, and the Office of the National high-tech Enterprise Accreditation Management Leading Group is audited and certified every three years. Since 2012, Thmorgan has successfully obtained the high-tech enterprise certification for four consecutive times, which not only enables the enterprise to enjoy preferential policies of tax reduction and exemption, but also increases the opportunity to participate in major scientific research projects of the government, and greatly improves the visibility of the enterprise in the industry, providing a broad platform for the future development of the company.

Thmorgan will continue to adhere to the mission of "exploring the mysteries of life and contributing to human health", focus on the core areas of life sciences, continue to carry out innovative research and development and technology research, constantly improve the company's scientific and technological innovation management level, and build a more competitive R & D manufacturing enterprise.

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Friday, December 29, 2023