The Thmorgan biodegrader was accepted in Changchun Institute of Chemical Engineering

Recently, Thmorgan's biodegraders were accepted at Changchun Institute of Chemical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The installation and commissioning instrument of Changchun Chemical Institute covers GB/19277-1, GB/19277-2, GB/19276-1, GB/19276-2 four standards to achieve full coverage of biodegradation detection methods.

The installation process took about a week and consisted of three phases.

The first stage: we first unbox the instrument, check the packing list, and then carry out empty commissioning, about two days.

The second stage: Through ppt to explain the instrument theory, including the principle of each instrument, characteristics, and precautions; Then the engineer will combine the principle of the instrument with the on-site instrument demonstration, and explain the structure, characteristics, operation process and precautions of the instrument for about one day.

The third stage; Carry out the physical sample test, according to the teacher's sample to be tested, combined with the national standard requirements, installed sample, experimental data observation and analysis.

During the installation, the teachers and students of the institute put forward a large number of professional and profound questions, and the engineers of Thmorgan answered them seriously with a scientific and rigorous attitude, and the whole acceptance process went smoothly.









The biodegraders developed and produced by Thmorgan Biological are used all over the country and exported overseas. Thmorgan compost infrared biodegrader, meet GB/19277-1; Compost weighing biodegrader, meet GB/19277-2; Hydroponic electrolysis respiratory biodegradation instrument meets GB/19276-1, hydroponic infrared biodegradation instrument meets GB/19276-2. At present, it is one of the few manufacturers at home and abroad that can produce four categories of biodegraders.


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