Beijing Thmorgan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has become a pilot unit of intellectual property rights in Beijing

The Beijing Intellectual Property Office announced the review of the "2023 Beijing Intellectual Property Pilot Demonstration Unit" and the "2020 Beijing Intellectual Property Pilot Demonstration Unit". The public list shows that Beijing Thmorgan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. entered the list of "Beijing Intellectual Property Pilot Units in 2023".

It is reported that the identification of Beijing intellectual property pilot demonstration unit is an important part of Beijing's deepening of the implementation of innovation-driven strategy and the capital's intellectual property strategy, mainly for enterprises in key development areas of the city such as high-tech industries and knowledge-intensive industries, to promote enterprises and institutions to enhance their innovation capabilities and intellectual property creation, protection and application capabilities, and cultivate strong intellectual property enterprises. We will accelerate the development of a sophisticated economic structure.

Becoming an intellectual property pilot unit in Beijing in 2023 will further promote Thmorgan's intellectual property protection and achievement transformation work, and Thmorgan will make every effort to transform its intellectual property advantages into advantages of enterprise innovation and business development, and will also work toward the goal of "intellectual property demonstration unit".


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Tuesday, December 19, 2023