Thmorgan Zebrafish breeding system TMG1000 sold 2 sets in Tianjin University

Tianjin University purchased two sets of Thmorgan Zebrafish breeding system TMG1000. TMG1000 product features are as follows:

1. Single row design, saving space;


2. Suitable for all kinds of aquaculture;


3. Mortise and tenon structure design, five, four, three layers can be converted, flexible disassembly and assembly;


4. Automatically complete water intake, water refill, water cycle, temperature regulation, intermittent light regulation, etc.;


5. Water treatment includes three layers of pre-filtration system and three layers of water tank filtration system;


6. The water circulation adopts the overflow circulation mode, which can automatically remove the solid residue and play the effect of high efficiency water circulation;


7. The fish tank is made of polycarbonate (PC), FDA approved food grade, and can withstand high pressure steam sterilization;


8. The aquarium adopts inverted "V" type structure design, which is convenient for the rapid discharge of impurities;


9. With water quality detection and temperature control function;


10. Remote monitoring function;


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