Biodegradation instrument: What are the advantages of the equipment of biodegradation analyzer?

Biodegradation analyzer uses microbes to consume oxygen in culture bottles to produce carbon dioxide. The quick lime absorbs carbon dioxide and reduces the pressure of the culture flask, thereby creating a pressure difference between the two sides of the manometer, which causes the electrodes in the manometer to be joined together by a solution of copper sulfate. After the biodegrader generates an electric current, the copper sulfate solution in the flask is electrolyzed to produce oxygen, which is added to the culture flask to gradually restore the pressure in the flask to the initial level. The amount of electricity entering the electrolytic bottle is proportional to the amount of oxygen produced. The coulometer precisely monitors the amount of electricity flowing into the electrolytic bottle and expresses it as the value of BOD. What are the advantages of biodegradation analyzer equipment? The following is a detailed introduction:


1. Accurate detection system of biodegradation analyzer: oxygen consumption is measured by electrical signal;

2. No need to dilute the sample: detection limit can reach 1000 ppm;

3. Data processing software of biodegradation instrument: a set of software can control 8 devices at the same time;

4. Good data repeatability of biodegradation analyzer: the data repeatability is the best among similar instruments in the world;

5. Continuous electrolytic oxygen supply: Each bottle of electrolyte can provide electrolytic oxygen for several years. After the electrolysis solution of the biodegradable instrument is used up, new electrolyte can be added for use.

6. Precise temperature control of biodegradation instrument: temperature setting range of 5-40℃, temperature adjustment accuracy of ±0.1℃;

7. Number of channels: each instrument includes multiple detection channels;

8. Bidirectional mixing system of biodegradation analyzer: mixing speed, time and direction can be set by oneself;

9. Double data output system: use special software for computer processing, LCD display.

The biodegradable instrument is suitable for environmental and microbial fields, as well as soil or solid waste assessment, composting and biodegradable material research. Beijing Toporgan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales of life science products. If you have the need of biodegradation instrument, biodegradation analyzer and other equipment, please contact us.