MODA-9 composting method biodegradation instrument installation and debugging completed!

A few days ago, the MODA-9 composting biodegrader purchased by Shanghai Huafeng completed the unpacking, installation, commissioning and training of the equipment, and realized the normal and stable operation of the instrument, which was recognized and appreciated by the users.


After the instrument is put into use, it can complete the rapid and standard evaluation of the degradability of various biological based materials, which is of great significance for the promotion and implementation of the "Plastic Restriction Decree".


The MODA-9 biodegrader has been put into production for several decades. Currently, hundreds of biodegraders are in use worldwide and recognized by the vast number of people in the industry. It intuitively reflects the amount of carbon dioxide released according to the oxygen consumption of microorganisms decomposing the subject, releasing carbon dioxide, water and other substances. The ratio of the actual carbon dioxide released to the theoretical carbon dioxide released by the substance is expressed as the biodegradation rate. Mainly used for:


1, can be used for biodegradability analysis of degradable plastics and other biobased materials;


2. Meet GB/T 19277.2-2013


3, meet GB/T 22047-2008


4. Meet ISO 14855.2-2018


5. Meet ISO 17556-2012



Product Department

January 27, 2021