Cell20 Sold at Anhui University of Technology

Recently, Anhui University of Science and Technology sold the Tomorgen single-cell electrophoresis instrument CELL20!


Thmorgan single-cell electrophoresis instrument Cell20 is mainly used for single-cell gel electrophoresis, which can be used for apoptosis, drug toxicology and carcinogenic effects. Cell20 offers the following advantages:

1. Up to 20 films can be run in one electrophoresis experiment;

2. High throughput, each mount can accommodate 10000,<> single cells for simultaneous electrophoresis;

3. Efficient refrigeration device to improve the resolution of the image;

4. Unique film design reduces DNA damage during electrophoresis;

5. Unique humidity control device ensures the stability of the environment in the electrophoresis tank during electrophoresis.




Product Department

2019 Dec 12