Thmorgan fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument was successfully installed and commissioned in Jinxi County Bureau of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine

Recently, Tomorgen real-time PCR instrument Q4 was successfully installed and debugged in Jinxi County Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau Tomorgen after-sales service engineer introduced the use steps and precautions of real-time PCR instrument Q4 in detail for users, which was recognized and praised by customers.


Characteristics of Fluorescence PCR Instrument Q4:

1. 4-color fluorescence detection channel, quadruple fluorescence detection can be performed;

2. 48-hole design, up to 48 samples at a time;

3. Adopt three-point temperature control technology and edge heat compensation technology to effectively improve temperature control accuracy and temperature uniformity, and gradient setting can be made;

4. Advanced semiconductor temperature control technology, high temperature ramp rate, while ensuring that the temperature error is within 0.1 °C and the temperature uniformity is within 0.2 °C;

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2019 Dec 3