Thmorgan Fluorescent Protein Observation Microscope Sold at Henan University Plant Adversity Laboratory

Recently, Thmorgan fluorescent protein observation mirror DFP was successfully traded in the Plant Stress Laboratory of Henan University with excellent performance


The Thmorgan Single Fluorescent Protein Observation Mirror (DFP) detects green fluorescent protein for easy field work. The detection efficiency is high, and it can look for positive targets in the field at night, which is clear at a glance. Easy to operate, small, flexible, easy to carry, no heat engine required after start-up, can be directly detected and the system is stable, can continue to operate for a long time. Strong safety, no need for chemical substrate color development, direct execution without damage to the cells of the tested object.

With first-class quality, perfect after-sales service and reasonable quotation, Thmorgan has won the unanimous affirmation of many universities and scientific research institutions, and stands out in the domestic market. We will, as always, increase research and development efforts, strictly control quality, and provide you with first-class scientific research instruments!

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2019 Dec 3