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Beijing Thmorgan Biotechnology Co., LTD. (Thmorgan), founded in 2006, is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the development of gene detection technology and biodegradation detection technology, and has passed the certification of specialized, Specialized in special new enterprises.


Gene detection solution provider: tissue grinder CK1000 independently developed by Thmorgan, which is suitable for tissue grinding of animal, plant, microorganism and other samples; CK2000 is suitable for pretreatment of pesticide residue test samples; Full-automatic nucleic acid extractor MM96, MM48, MM24 series products can be used for full-automatic nucleic acid extraction of various biological samples; Fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument Q6, Q4, Q2, suitable for fluorescence quantitative analysis of nucleic acid samples. The categories of nucleic acid purification reagents and fluorescent quantitative analysis reagents matched with gene analysis instruments are constantly improved. Thmorgan has become a system solution provider for biological sample pretreatment, nucleic acid purification and fluorescence quantitative analysis.


Biodegradation detection solution provider: The self-developed biodegradation instrument developed by Thmorgan has become an important brand in the field of biodegradation research and detection with leading technology and complete categories. Composting method biodegradation instrument M2400, M1200, M9000 series, composting method cultivation, infrared method detection, meet GB/T 19277-1; The biodegradation of M9000W by composting method is tested by composting method and weighing method, meeting the requirements of GB/T 19277-2; The water culture method biodegradation instrument T9000, which uses electrolytic closed oxygen supply and water culture method, and the coulometric meter to detect the oxygen consumption, meets the requirements of GB/T 19276-1; The hydroponic biodegradation instrument T2400C, T1200C and T9000C series are cultured by hydroponic method and detected by infrared method, meeting the national standard GB/T 19276-2. The four types of biodegradation instruments meet the requirements of different customers such as compost method, soil method, hydroponics method and seawater method. The compost and activated sludge used together with the Thmorgan Biodegradation Instrument have strong degradability and stable performance. The integration of advanced instruments, efficient composting and activated sludge, and standardized operation process has become the core competitiveness of the solution of Thmorgan Biodegradation System.


Committed to expanding brand influence: focus on the core field of life science, increase R&D investment year by year, and focus on solving the pain and difficulty problems in the field of gene detection and biodegradation detection. We will repay your trust with better products and services.