Grinding jars

Grinding jars

Brand: Thmorgan
Model Number: See table

First, the use of the product

The grinding jar is suitable for the high-throughput tissue mill CK1000/2000, which is used to hold the grinding ball and sample, and is directly clamped to the main machine.

Second, product features

1. The grinding jar is made of stainless steel/nylon jar, which is wear-resistant;

2. The grinding jar is available in double-plug, half-spiral and multi-turn spiral modes, and a variety of specifications are available.


3. Technical parameters


Catalog number Name Spec Material Uses: Pictures
TMG2015 Grinding jars 50ml Steel tanks CK1000
TMG2016 Grinding jars 100ml Steel tanks CK2000
TMG2017 Grinding jars 200ml Steel tanks CK2000
TMG2018 Grinding jars 300ml Nylon jars CK2000

Grinding jars