Grinding tubes

Grinding tubes

Brand: Thmorgan
Model Number: See table

First, the use of the product

The grinding tube is suitable for the high-throughput tissue mill CK1000/2000, which is used to hold the grinding ball and sample, and is used on the adapter.

Second, product features

1. The abrasive pipe is made of polypropylene, which has good chemical properties and heat resistance;

2. A variety of specifications of abrasive pipes are available;


3. Technical parameters



Catalog number Name Spec Material Remarks Pictures
TMG2033 Grinding tubes 2ml Polypropylene CK1000
TMG2034 Grinding tubes 5ml Polypropylene CK1000
TMG2035 Grinding tubes 7ml Polypropylene CK1000
TMG2036 Grinding tubes 10ml Polypropylene CK2000
TMG2037 Grinding tubes 15ml Polypropylene CK2000
TMG2038 Grinding tubes 50ml Polypropylene CK2000

Grinding tubes