Incubator for zebrafish baby fish

Incubator for zebrafish baby fish

Brand: Thmorgan

Use of a product

1. Baby fish hatching: Zebrafish baby fish incubator is a device that controls environmental conditions such as temperature, light and water quality to promote the hatching of zebrafish eggs.

2. Breeding of young zebrafish: hatched young zebrafish can be bred in incubators to promote their growth and development.

3. Experimental research: Zebrafish juvenile incubators are often used for the preliminary preparation of zebrafish experiments in the laboratory.


Two product characteristics

1. Transparent material: Transparent material is used to observe the mating behavior of zebrafish and the incubation process of eggs.

2. Separated suites: The mating box adopts the design of separated suites to prevent conflicts and interference in the mating process and ensure the accuracy and success rate of mating.

3. Microporous mesh base: The base of the mating box adopts a microporous mesh design, which helps to precipitate eggs and sperm and promote egg hatching.

4. Light and easy to operate: The mating box has the characteristics of light and easy to operate, which is convenient for experimental operators to observe.


Three technical parameters

1. Incubator size (L×W×H):200×100×800mm

2. Incubator specification: 1.5L

3. Net weight: 50g

4. Material: food grade PC plastic

5. Structural design: including egg frame, partition partition and other functional areas to meet the needs of zebrafish pairing and spawning.

6. Transparency: Transparent materials are used to observe the mating behavior of zebrafish and the hatching of eggs.

7. Safety protection: The mating box is designed with safety in mind to ensure that zebrafish are properly protected during mating.

8. Clean and reusable: The material of the mating box is easy to clean, easy to reuse, and reduce resource waste.

Incubator for zebrafish baby fish