Harvest shrimp incubator

Harvest shrimp incubator

Brand: Thmorgan

Use of a product

1. Shrimp egg incubation: Shrimp incubator can create a suitable water temperature and light environment, shrimp eggs will go through the appropriate temperature and water quality environment, hatching into small shrimp.

Zebrafish breeding: The hatched young shrimp can be cultivated in an incubator, and the developed young shrimp can be fed to zebrafish and other organisms as bait.

2. Control the reproductive cycle: By controlling conditions such as temperature, light and feed supply, the reproductive cycle of shrimp can be adjusted to make it spawn and hatch at the appropriate time.

3. Germplasm improvement: By selecting shrimp eggs from excellent shrimp species to hatch into high-quality shrimp seedlings, the aquaculture efficiency and growth performance of shrimp can be improved.


Two product characteristics

1. Amphibious

2. Silent operation

3. Easy incubation

4. High incubation rate


Three technical parameters

1. Total height: 33cm

2. Volume: 2000ml

3. Net weight: 100g

4. Fixation of suction cups: The suction cups can be installed on the side of the incubator and can be adsorbed in the fish tank with the maximum adsorption mass of 1000g.

5. Oxygen supply: Shrimp larvae have a high demand for oxygen, and the incubator is equipped with an oxygen supply system to provide enough oxygen to meet the respiratory needs of shrimp larvae.

6. Transparency: The incubator is made of transparent materials in order to observe the growth and development of shrimp seedlings. Transparency can provide observation and monitoring of shrimp seedlings.

7. Easy shrimp harvest: After 36h of incubation, turn off the air pump, and after a period of time, you will find that the rich shrimp larvae and empty shells automatically separate, floating above is the empty shell, and the shrimp larvae hatch out below. At this point, just open the valve at the bottom and let the hatched shrimp automatically flow into the prepared container.


Four installation steps

1. Add 300ml of water to the incubator, and add half a teaspoon of sea salt to form a light brine.

2. Add 1-2 tablespoons of shrimp eggs to the brine and mix well.

3. Connect the air pump and open the dispenser. Wait for the shrimp to hatch.

4. Turn off the dispenser after 24-36h to separate the shrimp larvae.


Five configurations

1. Catch 1 net

2. One incubator

3. One distributor

4. 5 10ml storage tubes

5. Two three-gram spoons

6. 1 250ml measuring cup

7. Two suction cups

8. Trachea 1 m

9. 1 air pump (optional)

Harvest shrimp incubator