Full temperature intelligent shaking table

Full temperature intelligent shaking table

Brand: Thmorgan

Product features:

1. Used for small-scale culture of fungi, bacteria and microorganisms;

2. Used for shock mixing of samples;

3. Used in universities, research institutes, factories and other laboratories;

Product Usage:

1. Set biochemical constant temperature incubator and shaker in one;

2. It has the characteristics of multi-purpose, less investment, small footprint and more functions.

3. The whole machine quiet design, large window, luxurious and beautiful shape.

4. The set temperature and actual temperature can be displayed, with an accuracy of ±0.1℃.

5. High precision speed control system, the display can directly display the set speed and the actual speed, the accuracy of ±1rpm.

6. Scientifically designed air duct, forced air convection, to ensure the direction of air flow, reduce pollution.

7. Modular design, can be composed of multi-layer full temperature shaker incubator use.

Third, product principle
The full-temperature shaker incubator is equipped with an LC loop composed of capacitors and inductors, through which the energy field and electromagnetic field formed by the two parts can exchange energy with each other to generate free oscillation, and the positive feedback amplifier circuit inside can maintain the oscillation of the capacitor and inductor. A heating element and temperature control system are used to maintain a constant temperature and humidity inside the shaker, while a vibrating mechanism allows the sample to be fully mixed and aerated at a constant temperature.

Technical parameters:

1. Vibration frequency: 10-300rpm

2. Vibration frequency accuracy: ±1rpm

3. Vibration amplitude: φ26mm

4. Temperature control range: 4-60℃

5. Temperature adjustment accuracy: ±0.1℃

6. Temperature uniformity: ±0.6℃

7. Inside the box: R Angle (arc Angle)

8. Display mode: LCD touch screen/physical button screen

9. Convection mode: forced convection

10. Control mode: P.I.D microcomputer intelligent control

11. Timing range: 0-99 hours

12. Working size (L X W) : double layer 700mm x 495mm x 2

13. Standard configuration: universal fixture (fixed fixture optional)

14. Power supply: AC220±10%s 50-60Hz

15. Appearance size (L X W X H) : 1000mm x 900mm x 1850mm x 2

16. Noise: ≤55dB

17. Operating space height: single-layer 420mmX2

Five configurations:

1. A set of host;

2. Adapter:

Full temperature intelligent shaking table