Oral swab DNA/RNA Extraction Kit (Machine Magnetic Bead)

Oral swab DNA/RNA Extraction Kit (Machine Magnetic Bead)

Brand name:Thmorgan

Product use

This kit is widely used in the extraction of nucleic acid from various oral swabs. The obtained DNA/RNA is of high purity and can be directly used in molecular biological experiments such as PCR, enzyme digestion and hybridization.


Product specification

This product is applicable to 96 samples

order number

product composition



deep hole plate A

96 persons


deep hole plate B

96 persons


deep hole plate C

96 persons


deep hole plate D

96 persons


deep hole plate E

96 persons


protease K



magnetic rod sets

1 piece


solution L



Storage conditions

The kit can be stored for 12 months at room temperature (15-25 ℃) and dry conditions, and can be stored at 2-8 ℃ for longer time. If the solution precipitates under the storage condition of 2-8 ℃, the solution in the kit should be placed at room temperature for a period of time before use. If necessary, it can be preheated in a 37 ℃ water bath for 10 minutes to dissolve the precipitate.


Product features

1. Safe and non-toxic: no organic reagent such as phenol/chloroform is required.

2. High-throughput: It can integrate the automated instrument of liquid transfer method and the automated instrument of magnetic rod method for high-flux extraction experiments.

3. Convenient and fast: direct cleavage, no need to incubate for too long, and ultrapure genomic DNA can be obtained within 1h.

4. High purity: The obtained DNA has high purity and can be directly used for chip detection, high-throughput sequencing and other experiments.

5. Wide application: applicable to various oral swabs.

Oral swab DNA/RNA Extraction Kit (Machine Magnetic Bead)