Animal Tissue DNA Extraction Kit (Manual Magnetic Bead Method)

Animal Tissue DNA Extraction Kit (Manual Magnetic Bead Method)

Brand name:Thmorgan

First,Product use

This kit is widely used in nucleic acid extraction from various animal tissues, and the obtained DNA has high purity, which can be directly used in molecular biology experiments such as PCR, enzyme digestion, hybridization, etc.

Ii. Product specifications

This product is suitable for 100 samples

Serial number

Product composition



liquor A



liquor B



liquor C



liquor D



protease K

3 ml


Magnetic bead solution

3 ml

three, Storage conditions

The kit can be stored at room temperature (15-25 ° C) under dry conditions for 12 months, and longer storage can be stored at 2-8 ° C. Under 2-8℃ storage conditions, if the solution precipitates, the solution in the kit should be placed at room temperature for a period of time before use, and if necessary, it can be preheated in a 37℃ water bath for 10 minutes to dissolve the precipitation.

Fourth, product characteristics

1. Safe and non-toxic: no organic reagents such as phenol/chloroform are required;

2. High throughput: high throughput extraction experiment can be carried out by integrating pipette method automated instrument and magnetic bar method automated instrument;

3. Simple and fast: direct cracking, no need to incubate for too long, can obtain ultra-pure genomic DNA within 1h;

4. High purity: obtained DNA purity is high, can be directly used for chip detection, high-throughput sequencing and other experiments;

5. Wide application: suitable for a variety of animal tissues.

Animal Tissue DNA Extraction Kit (Manual Magnetic Bead Method)