Zebrafish breeding system

Zebrafish breeding system


Product use:

It is applicable to the breeding, breeding and toxicological experiment of various aquatic organisms.


Product features:

1. Single-row design saves space;

2. Suitable for aquaculture of various aquatic organisms;

3. Mortise and tenon structure design, five floors, four floors and three floors can be converted, and the disassembly and assembly are flexible;

4. Automatic completion of water inlet, make-up, water circulation, temperature regulation, intermittent light regulation, etc;

5. Water treatment includes three-layer pre-filtration system and three-layer water tank filtration system;

6. The water circulation adopts overflow circulation mode, which can automatically remove solid residues and give full play to the high efficiency water circulation effect;

7. The fish tank is made of polycarbonate (PC), FDA approved food grade, and can withstand high pressure steam sterilization;

8. The fish tank is designed with inverted "V" structure, which is convenient for the rapid discharge of impurities;

9. With water quality detection and temperature control function;

10. It has remote monitoring function;


Technical parameters:

1. System support:

1.1 Material: reinforced aluminum alloy;

1.2 Structure: mortise and tenon structure design, five floors, four floors and three floors can be converted, and disassembly is flexible;

1.3 Balance: with horizontal adjustment angle;

1.4 Dimensions: 176CM long (excluding control box), 40CM wide, 240CM high (five layers)

2. Fish tank:

2.1 Material: polycarbonate (PC) material;

2.2 It is the food grade approved by FDA and can withstand high pressure steam sterilization;

2.3 Volume: 2L, 4L, 8L optional;

2.4 The fish tank is self-cleaning, and the baffle and upper cover can be removed;

2.5 The fish tank is of self-cleaning V-shaped design, convenient for cleaning;


3. Water circulation system:

3.1 Including water supply, gas supply pipeline and power system;

3.2 Circulating pump: water circulating power, external type, acid and alkali resistant, water flow: ≥75L/min;

3.3 Air pump: air supply, can be started and stopped manually, air flow: ≥30L/min;

3.4 Pipeline material: white polyvinyl chloride (UPVC), without plasticizer;

3.5 The water supply pipeline is independently equipped with 12 water outlet regulating valves on each floor, which can be fully opened or closed;

3.6 Each layer of pipe fittings and water outlet regulating valve can be removed for cleaning, maintenance and replacement;


4. Water treatment system:

4.1 Pre-filtration system: from tap water to water tank, it passes through three pre-filtration columns;

4.2 Water tank filtration: physical filter material, biochemical cotton and activated carbon adsorption are used for filtration;

4.3 Ultraviolet germicidal system: one 40W ultraviolet germicidal lamp with a lamp life of more than 8000 hours;

4.4 Heating system: electronic thermostat, 600W quartz tube heating;

4.5 Lighting system: white light belt, with longer service life and good waterproof performance;

4.6 Monitoring system: automatically monitor PH pH and EC conductivity.

5. Automatic control system:

5.1 It can automatically control water circulation, ultraviolet sterilization, temperature regulation, intermittent light regulation, etc;

5.2 Including splash-proof structure and leakage power supply device;

5.3 Circulation pump control, can be started or stopped manually, and can be started automatically when power is cut off;

5.4 Light timing switch control.



6. Remote monitoring system:

6.1 The remote monitoring system is easy to operate, rapid and accurate in numerical transmission, and realizes real-time monitoring of the whole process of aquaculture;

6.2 Users can master the aquaculture water quality environmental data in real time through computer, PDA, mobile phone and other information terminals;

Standard configuration:

1. System support (aluminum alloy material);

2. Fish tank (volume optional);

3. Water circulation device;

4. Water treatment device;

5. Automatic control system;

6. Fish tank configuration:

Storey height

Volume of fish tank (L)

Number of fish tanks(pcs)

Water valve

air valve

LED light

first floor






second floor






third floor






fourth floor






fifth floor






Optional configuration:

1. Chiller: refrigeration range: 10 ℃ to room temperature;

2. PH regulating device;

3. Conductivity regulating device;

4. Dissolved oxygen measuring device;

5. RO machine.

Zebrafish breeding system