Constant temperature water bath system

Constant temperature water bath system


Product use

1. Provide a liquid environment with controlled cooling and heating and uniform and constant temperature;

2. Widely used in biomedical research and development laboratories;

3. Widely used in temperature control experiments such as agriculture, environmental protection and scientific research;

4. It can be used for temperature control experiments in chemical enterprises, such as small-scale and pilot tests.

5. Widely used to provide high-precision temperature control platform for large instrument design;


Product features

1. The water bath has large volume and high temperature control accuracy;

2. Floor type design, with pulley, easy to move position;

3. Transparent sliding door design allows you to watch the status of temperature control zone without opening the door,

4. Adopt fluorine-free environmental protection refrigeration technology, which meets environmental protection requirements;

5. Fully enclosed air-cooled compressor refrigeration system, low noise;

6. With power-off protection function, it can automatically delay for three minutes;

7. Touch screen display is adopted, and the temperature can be set quickly by touching the key, which is convenient to operate;

8. It has the function of automatically regulating the water level;

9. It has an overtemperature alarm system to ensure the safety of the instrument. The upper and lower temperature alarms can be set;

10. The water tank of the workroom is made of stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance;


Product principle

A stainless steel pipe heater is placed horizontally in the thermostatic water bath, a perforated partition is placed inside the sink, and the water bath is equipped with a drain pipe to realize the automatic water replenishment function. There are electric heating pipes, refrigeration compressors and sensors in the electrical box. The temperature control system adopts electronic components, which are sensitive to temperature control, reliable in performance and convenient in use. Its working principle is that the sensor converts the temperature of the water in the tank into a resistance value. After amplification and comparison by the integrated amplifier, the sensor outputs a control signal to effectively control the power of the electric heating pipe or refrigeration compressor, so that the water in the tank can maintain a constant temperature.


Technical parameters

1. Temperature range: 5-99 ℃;

2. Temperature accuracy: ± 0.1 ℃;

3. Working tank volume: 285 L;

4. Built-in circulating pump: yes;

5. Refrigerating power: 1.55kW;

6. Heating power: 3.5 kW;

7. Overall power: 5.5 kW;

8. Boundary dimension: 150 * 91 * 99 CM;

9. Product weight: about 180 KG;


Product configuration

1. One host;

2. Adapter;

Constant temperature water bath system