Biodegradable compost

Biodegradable compost


Product use:

1. Applicable to GB/T19277.1 compost method biodegradation test;

2. Applicable to GB/T19277.2 compost method biodegradation test;

3. It is applicable to the biodegradability test of various bio-based material products and masterbatches such as plastic film, shopping bags, food packaging bags, catering boxes, etc.


Product features:

1. High microbial activity, with both organic and inorganic nutrients required to promote microbial growth;

2. High maturity and strong stability. Each batch of compost has been fully decomposed for more than 3 months;

3. Low blank value effectively reduces background interference;

4. Abundant and vigorous flora can greatly shorten the degradation cycle;


Technical parameters:

1. Package specification: 2kg/bag;

2. pH:7-8;

3. Humidity: <30%;

4. Maturity:>3 months;

5. The product should be stored in a cool and dry place with a shelf life of 12 months.

6. This product should not be mixed with fungicides.

Biodegradable compost