Hydroponic biodegradation apparatus

Hydroponic biodegradation apparatus

Brand :Thmorgan
Model :T2400C

Product use

1. Meet the test standard of GB/T19276.2-2003;

2. Meet the test standard of ISO14852-1999;

3. Meet the test standard of ISO19679-2020;

4. Applicable to external inspection by the quality inspection institute;

5. It is applicable to the external testing services of third-party institutions;

6. It is applicable to self-inspection and formula optimization of bio-based material manufacturers;

7. Applicable to basic research of biodegradation.


Product features

1. Fully meet the test requirements of GB/T 19276.2 standard;

2. Up to 24 channels can be used simultaneously for biodegradability detection;

3. 24 infrared probes at the same time detection, real-time online determination of carbon dioxide concentration and release;

4. The design method of water-based culture and open oxygen supply is adopted to simulate a strong aerobic environment;

5. Double display of carbon dioxide concentration and accumulation, which can be derived in the form of charts or curves;

6. Air bath temperature control, temperature adjustment accuracy ±0.1℃;

7. Magnetic stirring system: provide long time stirring;

8. Cloud platform detection, real-time online observation of data and curves.


Product principle

Bio-based materials, under the action of microorganisms, consume oxygen to decompose and produce carbon dioxide, water and other inorganic substances. The generated carbon dioxide is monitored in real time by high-precision infrared sensors. The percentage of the actual carbon dioxide release of the sample and the theoretical carbon dioxide release of the sample is the biodegradation rate.


Product parameters

1. Oxygen supply system

1.1 Air supply mode: continuous aeration for oxygen supply, built-in air supply pump;

1.2 Air pump control: the air pump is divided into 24 channels, each with an independent switch;

1.3 Gas flow regulation range: 30ml/min - 300ml/min;

1.4 There are 24 mechanical flow meters to adjust the flow rate;

1.5 It has 24 electronic flow meters to collect the flow rate;

2. Reaction system

2.1 Number of channels: 24;

2.2 Magnetic stirring: 24;

2.3 Temperature control mode: water bath type;

2.4 Set temperature range: 4-90℃, step by 0.1℃;

2.5 Temperature control accuracy: ≤±0.1℃;

2.6 Volume of reaction bottle: 500ml;

2.7 Material of reaction bottle: high borosilicate hard glass;

2.8 Pre-decarbonization system: Yes;

2.9 Condensing System: Yes.

3. Detection system

3.1 Detection method: infrared carbon dioxide detection;

3.2 Number of infrared probes: 24

3.3 Display mode: simultaneous dual display of carbon dioxide concentration and total amount;

3.4 Detection range: 0-5000ppm;

3.5 Resolution: 1ppm;

3.6 Data acquisition cycle: up to 1 second, second, minute and hour can be freely selected.


托摩根 托摩根

Concentration and accumulation display

Concentration curve


托摩根 托摩根

Cumulative display

Cumulative curve


4. Software control system

4.1 Software control system with independent intellectual property rights;

4.2 The software can collect data and generate real-time data curve;

4.3 Bearing system: win7/8/10 and other professional operating systems;

4.4 Data storage mode: it can be stored in real time during the experiment;

4.5 With cloud platform, data can be accessed remotely;

4.6 USB interface: 3.

托摩根 托摩根

Digital display interface

 Curve interface

托摩根 托摩根

User login interface

Device management interface


5. Complete machine system

5.1 Power supply: 220V AC;

5.2 Power frequency: 50/60Hz;

5.3 Working humidity:<60%;

5.4 Working temperature: 4-90 ℃;

5.5 Overall power: 7KW;

5.6 Appearance dimension (L × W × H):3500mm × 900mm × 1500mm;

5.7 Gross weight: 300KG.


Product configuration

1. One host;

2. 24 reaction bottles;

3. 24 decarburization bottles;

4. 24 condensate bottles;

5. 24 desiccant bottles;

6. 1 set of software;

7. One set of connecting hose;

8. One set of accompanying documents.

Hydroponic biodegradation apparatus