Weighing method biodegradation instrument

Weighing method biodegradation instrument


Product use:

1. It can be used for the biodegradability analysis of degradable plastics and other bio-based materials;

2. Meet GB/T 19277.2-2013

3. Meet GB/T 22047-2008

4. Meet ISO 14855.2-2018

5. Meet ISO 17556-2012


Product features:

1. The sample is degraded in the active compost, and the air passes through the active compost under controlled conditions.

2. The released ammonia and water are removed, and the released carbon dioxide is absorbed by sodium lime (sodium hydroxide).

3. The carbon dioxide released is calculated by the weight increase of soda lime.

4. The reaction column can be controlled at the temperature specified by the user.

5. If ISO14855-2 is followed, the temperature is usually maintained at 58 ℃.

6. Samples are weighed regularly during the test.


Product principle:

Under the condition of 55-60 ℃, the air that removes carbon dioxide is continuously supplied to the reaction chamber. The samples to be analyzed in the reaction chamber undergo biodegradation reaction through respiration under the action of microorganisms, and oxygen is discharged into carbon dioxide through respiration, which is absorbed by alkali lime. We calculate the biodegradation rate of the samples by weighing the change in the weight of alkali lime.


Technical parameters:

1. Determine the amount of carbon dioxide released under laboratory conditions by gravimetric method;

2. Number of channels: ≥ 6;

3. Temperature setting range: 45 ℃~65 ℃;

4. Temperature accuracy: ± 0.5 ℃

5. Volume of reaction tower: 500ml;

6. Fixing frame of reaction tower: pull-out type, easy to take;

7. Maximum load: 30KG;

8. Heating power: 405W for main heater and 160W for auxiliary heater;

9. Temperature control mode: air bath, PID control;

10. Convection mode: double fan forced convection;

11. Sensor: K-type thermocouple sensor;

12. Air pump power: 10W;

13. Flow regulation range: 10ml/min-90ml/min;

14. Overall power: 1500W;

15. Power supply: single-phase 100V AC, 15A, 50/60Hz;

16. Size: 1350mm × 450mm × 1700mm;

17. Weight: 210KG;

18. Ambient temperature: 5 ℃ - 40 ℃;

19. Safety protection: heater power failure alarm; Sensor power failure alarm; Overheat alarm; Leakage protection.


Case study:

1. According to ISO14855-2, three tests are required to evaluate biodegradability:

a) Use only compost (blank),

b) Compost mixed with standard (cellulose),

c) Compost mixed with samples of interest.

2. As shown in Figure 2, the results obtained by T6 are considered repeatable.



Figure 2: Oxygen consumption biodegradation experiment of PLA by M6


Configuration list:

1. One host;

2. Six sets of absorption tower;

3. Six sets of reaction tower;

4. Six sets of dehumidification tower;

5. One set of decarburization column;

6. Six sets of matching connecting pipes;

7. One set of installation tools;

8. One set of operation instructions;

Weighing method biodegradation instrument