Real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument

Real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument

Brand :Thmorgan
Model :Q6

Product use

1. Quantitative/qualitative gene expression analysis;

2. Analysis of melting curve;

3. SNP genotyping;

4. MicroRNA analysis;

5. Gene mutation analysis;

6. Quality control graphic analysis;

7. PCR expansion efficiency calculation;

8. Detection of HBV, HCV, HIV, HPV, SARS, H1N1, AIDS, CSF and other diseases;

9. Genomics, infectious disease research, stem cell research, tumor and genetic disease research, drug research and other research;


Product features

1. 6-color fluorescence detection channel, which can carry out six-fold fluorescence detection;

2. 96 channel design, 96 samples at most;

3. Adopt six-point temperature control technology and edge heat compensation technology to effectively improve the temperature control accuracy and temperature uniformity, which can be set in gradient;

4. Advanced semiconductor temperature control technology, high temperature rise and fall rate, and temperature error within 0.1 ℃ and temperature uniformity within 0.2 ℃;


Technical parameters

1. Sample flux: 96;

2. Detection channel: six-color fluorescence;

3. Reaction system: 5-120μL;

4. Number of temperature control areas: multiple points (6 points);

5. Excitation spectrum range: 400-1000nm;

6. Detection spectrum range: 400-600nm;

7. Applicable fluorescent dyes or probes: FAM/SYBR GreenI, VIC/HEX/CY3, ROX/Texas Red, Cy5, TAMARA;

8. Maximum heating rate:>3.5℃/s;

9. Maximum cooling rate:>3℃/s;

10. Module temperature range: 4-100℃ (the hot cover can automatically adjust the pressure);

11. Temperature accuracy:<± 0.1℃;

12. Temperature uniformity:<± 0.25℃;

13. Weight: 25kg;

14. Size (cm): 53 (W) × 36.0(D) × 55.0(H)。



1. One host;

2. One set of software;

3. A set of data.

Real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument