Micro ultraviolet spectrophotometer

Micro ultraviolet spectrophotometer

Brand :Thmorgan
Model :MD1000

Product use

1. Detection of nucleic acid concentration: detect the concentration of dsDNA, ssDNA, RNA and other types of nucleic acid;

2. Protein concentration detection: detect the concentration of protein in the sample;

3. Concentration detection of other substances with corresponding absorbance;

4. Nucleic acid purity evaluation: the ratio of A260/A280 of pure nucleic acid sample is greater than 1.8 (DNA) or 2.0 (RNA). If the ratio is lower than 1.8 or 2.0, it indicates that there is contamination of protein or classified substances.


Product features

1. Detection wavelength: 200-500nm;

2. Small sample size: 0.5ul-1.5ul of sample can be tested;

3. Nucleic acid detection range: 2-2000ng/ul (dsDNA), which can be directly loaded for detection without concentration or dilution of samples;

4. Fast detection: results can be obtained in about 3s;

5. Convenient and fast detection: it can be used after starting without preheating;

6. Built-in 7-inch touch display screen can complete operation without computer;

7. CCE calibration technology can calibrate itself without return;

8. It can provide data traceability function in accordance with international standards.


Technical parameters

1. Minimum sample loading: 0.5ul;

2. Wavelength range: 200-500nm;

3. Wavelength accuracy: <1nm;

4. Wavelength resolution: <1nm;

5. Light source: xenon lamp;

6. Optical path: 0.5mm;

7. Detection cycle: <3s;                          

8. Detector type: 1024 linear CCD array;

9. Detection range: 2ng/ul-2000ng/ul (dsDNA);    

10. Light absorption range: 0.04-40A (10mm optical path);

11. Absorbance precision: 0.002 Abs (1 mm optical path);

12. Absorption accuracy: 1%;

13. Touch screen size: 7 inches;

14. Memory: 16GB;

15. Network interface: yes;

16. USB interface: 2;

17. Sample table material: 303 stainless steel and quartz fiber.


Standard configuration

1. One host;

2. One manual;

3. One set of software;

4. One power cord;

Micro ultraviolet spectrophotometer