Micro ultraviolet spectrophotometer

Micro ultraviolet spectrophotometer

Brand :Thmorgan
Model :MD2000

Product use

1. Detection of nucleic acid concentration: detect the concentration of dsDNA, ssDNA, RNA and other types of nucleic acid;

2. Probe detection: detect the absorbance value of the fluorescent labeled probe, which can be used to remove the sample that fails to label the probe;

3. Protein concentration detection: detect the concentration of protein in the sample;

4. Protein labeling detection: It can detect the protein concentration to be measured accurately by BCA, Bradford, or Lowry, automatically draw the standard curve and calculate the concentration;

5. Detection of biological macromolecules such as sugars and alcohols: detect the absorbance value of samples under conventional ultraviolet light wave;

6. Detection of cell and microbial culture: detect the absorbance value of cell and microbial culture at 600 nm.


Product features:

1. Detection wavelength: 200-900nm;

2. Small sample size: 0.5ul-1.5ul of sample can be tested;

3. Nucleic acid detection range: 2-15000ng/ul (dsDNA), which can be directly loaded for detection without concentration or dilution of samples;

4. Fast detection: results can be obtained in about 5s;

5. Convenient and fast detection: it can be used after starting without preheating;

6. Built-in 7-inch touch display screen can complete operation without computer;

7. CCE calibration technology can calibrate itself without return;

8. It can provide data traceability function in accordance with international standards.


Technical parameters:

1. Minimum sample loading: 0.5ul;

2. Wavelength range: 200-900nm;

3. Wavelength accuracy: <1nm;

4. Wavelength resolution: <1nm;

5. Light source: xenon lamp;

6. Optical path: 0.5, 0.25&0.05mm (automatic or manual adjustment);

7. Detection cycle: < 5s;

8. Detector type: 2048 linear CCD array;

9. Detection range: 2ng/ul-15000ng/ul (dsDNA);

10. Light absorption range: 0.04-40A (10mm optical path);

11. Absorbance precision: 0.002 Abs (1 mm optical path);

12. Absorption accuracy: 1%;

13. Touch screen size: 7 inches;

14. Memory: 16GB;

15. Network interface: yes;

16. USB interface: 2;

17. Sample table material: 303 stainless steel and quartz fiber.


Standard configuration:

1. One host;

2. One manual;

3. One set of software;

4. One power cord;


Micro ultraviolet spectrophotometer