Fluorescent protein microscope

Fluorescent protein microscope

Brand :Thmorgan
Model :GFP

Product use:

1. Detect transgenic plants with green fluorescent protein (GFP) gene: rice, wheat, corn, soybean, cotton, Arabidopsis, etc;

2. Detect GFP transgenic animals: mice, rabbits, monkeys, etc;

3. Detection of GFP transgenic microorganisms: bacteria, fungi, yeast, etc;

4. Detect the tissue specific expression of GFP gene.


Product features:

1. Detection of green fluorescent protein (GFP);

2. Convenient for field operation;

3. High detection efficiency: search for positive targets in the field at night and make it clear at a glance;

4. Convenient operation: compact, flexible and portable. It can be detected directly without heating up after starting;

5. System stability: can work continuously for a long time;

6. Safety: It is not necessary to color the chemical substrate, and directly observe without damaging the cells of the tested object.


Product principle:

Green fluorescent protein (GFP) irradiated by blue light source will excite green fluorescence; The filter blocks all reflected light and only allows corresponding fluorescence to pass through.


Technical parameters:

1. Excitation light source: blue excitation;

2. Filter system: the filter blocks all reflected light and only allows fluorescence to pass through;

3. LED life:>10000 h;

4. Light source type: 2 high-intensity 3W LEDs;

5. Duration:>4 h;

6. Volume: 12.7 cm (l) × 7.6 cm(d);

7. Power supply: 4.5V.



1. Blue excitation light source: one

2. Filter: one

Fluorescent protein microscope