Single-cell electrophoresis apparatus

Single-cell electrophoresis apparatus

Brand :Thmorgan
Model :Cell20

Product features:

1. A maximum of 20 films can be run in one electrophoresis experiment;

2. High throughput, each loading can accommodate 10000 single cells simultaneously electrophoresis;

3.Efficient refrigeration device, can improve the resolution of the image;

4. Unique film design reduces DNA damage during electrophoresis; 5. The unique humidity control device ensures the stability of the environment in the electrophoresis tank during the electrophoresis process.


Two product uses:

It is mainly used for single cell gel electrophoresis, which can be used for apoptosis, drug toxicology and carcinogenesis study.

Three product principles:

Under neutral conditions, DNA fragments can enter the gel and migrate, while under the action of alkali treatment and alkaline electrolyte, DNA unhelix occurs, and the damaged DNA strand breaks and fragments are released. Due to the small molecular weight of these DNA, it will leave the nuclear DNA and move to the anode during electrophoresis, forming a comet-like image. The undamaged part of the DNA remains spherical. The more severe the DNA damage, the more fragments and the smaller the fragments, the greater the amount of DNA migrated during electrophoresis and the longer the migration distance. Therefore, by measuring the length, area or fluorescence intensity of the comet tail, the degree of DNA damage can be quantitatively analyzed.


Four technical parameters:


(1) Electrophoresis tank:

1. Film capacity: 20 PCS;

2. Size: 31×34×9cm;

3. Volume: 1000ml;

4. Temperature range: 4-65℃;

5. Humidity: linear adjustment according to the rise and fall of temperature;

6. Recommended operating conditions: 25V/300mA, 1 hour.

(2) Electrophoresis temperature control system:


1. Volume: 10L;

2. Circulation pump flow: 10L/min;

3. Refrigeration control: fully enclosed compressor refrigeration;

4. Temperature range: -10-90℃;

5. Accuracy: ±0.1℃;

6. Ambient temperature: room temperature -35℃;

7. Working voltage: 220V;

8. Power: 350W;

9. Opening size: 180×140mm;

10. Working size: 250×200×200mm.

(3) Electrophoresis power supply:


1. Output type: constant voltage, constant current, constant power output (continuously adjustable);

2. Output index: 5-300V, 1-1500mA, 1-450W;

3. Resolution: 1V, 1mA, 1W;

4. Timing range: 1 minute ~ 99 hours 59 minutes;

5. Display: LCD screen with backlight (128×64 pixels);

6. Control function: microprocessor intelligent control;

7. With overload, no-load and other protection functions;

8. Programming storage: 10 programs;

9. Automatic memory function;

10. Automatic shutdown function.


Five Product configuration:

1. One set of electrophoresis tank;

2. One electrophoresis temperature control system;

3. A electrophoresis power supply.

Single-cell electrophoresis apparatus