Single cell electrophoresis system

Single cell electrophoresis system

Brand :Thmorgan
Model :Cell80

Use of a product

1. Genetic toxicological studies;

2. Tumor research and treatment prediction;

3. Research on cellular senescence;

4. Studies on antioxidants and micronutrients;

5. Research on DNA damage and repair;

6. For single cell gel electrophoresis experiment.


Two product characteristics

1. Up to 80 films can be run in one electrophoresis experiment;

2. High throughput, each loading can accommodate 10000 single cells simultaneously electrophoresis;

3.Efficient refrigeration device, can improve the resolution of the image;

4. Avoid light design, try to ensure that the sample is not exposed to light conditions, to reduce DNA damage;

5. Unique film design reduces DNA damage during electrophoresis;

6. The unique humidity control device ensures the stability of the environment in the electrophoresis tank and improves the resolution of the result.



Principle of three products

DNA damage induced by various factors will affect the advanced structure of DNA, making it super-spiral loose. After the process of in-situ cell cleavage and DNA unstrand in the experiment, the damaged DNA spills out of the nucleus during electrophoresis, swims in the direction of the sun pole, and generates a caudate zone, while the undamaged part of DNA remains spherical, and the two jointly form a "comet". Within a certain range, the length of the "comet" (representing the migration distance of the DNA) and the intensity of the fluorescence of the "comet" (representing the amount of DNA) after fluorescence staining are related to the degree of DNA damage, so that the damage of DNA in a single cell can be quantitatively detected.


Four technical parameters


(一) Electrophoresis apparatus:

1. Output type: constant voltage, constant current, constant power output (continuously adjustable);

2. Output index: 5-300V, 1-1500mA, 1-450W;

3. Resolution: 1V, 1mA, 1W;

4. Timing range: 1 minute -99 hours 59 minutes;

5. Display: LCD screen with backlight (128×64 pixels);

6. Control function: microprocessor intelligent control;

7. With overload, no-load and other protection functions;

8. Programming storage: 10 programs;

9. Automatic memory function;

10. Automatic shutdown function.

(二) Electrophoresis tank:


1. Film capacity: 80 PCS;

2. Size: 34×115×9cm;

3. Volume: 4000ml;

4. Temperature range: -10-65℃;

5. Humidity: linear adjustment according to the rise and fall of temperature;

6. Recommended operating conditions: 25V/300mA, 1 hour.



(三) Temperature control system:

1. Volume: 10L;

2. Circulation pump flow: 10L/min;

3. Refrigeration control: fully enclosed compressor refrigeration;

4. Temperature range: -10-90℃;

5. Accuracy: ±0.1℃;

6. Ambient temperature: room temperature -35℃;

7. Working voltage: 220V;

8. Power: 350W;

9. Opening size: 180×140mm;

10. Working size: 250×200×200mm.

(四) Analysis software system:


1. The collected cell images were graded according to the fluorescence intensity and length of the comet head and tail;

2. Display Head-Length, Tail-Length, Head-DNA%, Tail-DNA% and other experimental data;

3. Advantages of software analysis system: simple and fast operation, accurate automatic calculation results, support measurement and preservation at any time;

4. Support the import of tif, jpg and other formats of images;

5. Bearer system: Professional operating system such as win7/8/9/10.

Five product configurations

1. One electrophoresis apparatus;

2. One set of electrophoresis tank;

3. One temperature control system;

4. A set of analysis software system.

Single cell electrophoresis system