Methane potential test system

Methane potential test system


Use of a product

1. Meet the test requirements of GB/T 33797-2017 standard;

2. Meet the testing requirements of ISO 15985-2014 standard;

3. For methane potential testing;

4. For the determination of anaerobic biodegradation rate;

5. Used for anaerobic degradation of carbon dioxide and methane mixed gas detection;

6. For the optimization of anaerobic reaction experimental conditions;

7. Used for breeding experiment of anaerobic bacteria;


Second, product characteristics

1. Can be used for methane potential determination;

2. Can be used for anaerobic biodegradation rate measurement;

3. Each channel has an independent mixing function, and the mixing method can be set freely;

4. The sealing technology of the bottle mouth ensures the accuracy of the measurement results of methane cumulative gas production;

5. Innovative micro gas flow measurement technology, can simultaneously monitor multi-channel gas flow, wide range;

6. Current data, historical data, data curve can be recorded, can be queried, can be exported by U disk;


Third, product principle

In the isolation of oxygen, microorganisms will undergo anaerobic reactions. The products of anaerobic reaction are carbon dioxide and methane. The instrument provides a good reaction unit, the anaerobic reaction generated by the mixture of gas exhaust volume and pressure to establish a functional relationship, when the system pressure reaches the threshold to start the exhaust, by automatically recording the number of exhaust, so as to measure the total amount of anaerobic reaction generated by the mixture of gas. When carbon dioxide absorption is done, the total amount of gas detected is the amount of methane produced.


Four technical parameters

1. Tank parameters:

1.1 Number of channels: 24;

1.2 Reactor volume: Full capacity: 500-1000ml;

1.3 Tank design pressure: 0.15Mpa;

1.4 Working pressure: < 0.1Mpa;

1.5 Mixing form: mechanical mixing, adjustable speed;


2. Temperature control:

2.1 Control mode: water bath temperature control;

2.2 Control range: room temperature +5-100℃;

2.3 Control accuracy: ±0.1℃;

2.4 Volume of temperature control area: 50-60L;


3. Mixing speed:

3.1 Quantity: 24 sets;

3.2 Speed range: 50-250rpm;

3.3 Accuracy: ±1rpm;

3.4 Control mode: independent control or unified control;

3.5 Rotation mode: can be forward, can be reversed;

3.6 Working mode: continuous working, intermittent working, working time and intermittent time can be set at will;


4.CO2 absorption unit:

4.1 Number of adsorption bottles: 24 reactors can be connected simultaneously;

4.2 Volume: CO2 adsorption bottle volume: 100ml;

4.3 Specification Size: 56×105×8 mm;

4.4 Absorption solution: 80m, 3M NaOH solution and pH indicator (user's own);

4.5 Carbon dioxide absorption efficiency: > 98%;


5. Gas measurement unit:

5.1 Number of channels: 24 channels

5.2 Resolution: 2ml;

5.3 Measuring range: 2-6000ml/h;

5.4 Display mode: 10 inch LCD color touch screen automatic display;

5.5 Detection gas: methane or methane carbon dioxide mixture;


6. System parameters:

Size: 500×1180×500mm;


Five standard configurations

1. A host of methane potential test system;

2, a set of exhaust unit;

3, a set of reaction units.

Methane potential test system