Vortex oscillator

Vortex oscillator


First, the use of the product

It is suitable for shaking and mixing sample tissues, cells, bacterial solutions, chemical reagents, etc.

Second, product features

1. Vigorously mixing samples at 3,000 rpm;

2. Suitable for short-term (joging) or long-term continuous work;

3. Includes a standard vibrator adapter for tubes and small vessels with a diameter of less than 30 mm;

4. Under different load conditions, it can still maintain a constant speed;

5. The steel base and specially designed vacuum suction feet can keep the instrument stable and reliable and reduce vibration;

6. Cast aluminum structure shell, sturdy and durable;

Third, the principle of the product

A vortex oscillator is a device that uses the principle of eddy currents to produce oscillations. When an energized coil rotates in a magnetic field, eddy currents are created in it. These eddy currents, in turn, produce an opposite magnetic field that cancels out the original magnetic field, causing a change in the magnetic field vector, resulting in an oscillation. and to mix the components in the sample together, which helps to prevent the deposition or separation of the components in the sample.

Fourth, technical parameters

1. Operation: jog;

2. Speed range: 2500rpm;

3. Oscillation mode: circumferential;

4. Turnover diameter: 4mm;

5. Voltage: 110-120/220-230V;

6. Power: 60W;

7. Overall dimensions (L×W×H): 127×130×160 mm;

8. Weight: 2kg;

5. Standard configuration

1. One host;

2. One standard rotor.




Vortex oscillator