Magnetic stirrer

Magnetic stirrer


First, the use of the product

It is mainly used for stirring or simultaneously heating and stirring liquids or solid-liquid mixtures with low viscosity.

Second, product features

1. Digital temperature control, the maximum temperature is 280°C;

2. CNC speed regulation, the maximum speed can reach 1500rpm;

3. Stainless steel ceramic coated working disc is extremely resistant to chemical corrosion;

4. It can be connected to an external temperature sensor PT1000 to accurately control the sample temperature, and the temperature control accuracy is ±0.2°C;

5. LED display shows temperature and speed at the same time;

6. Waste heat warning function: when the temperature of the disc exceeds 50°C, the display screen will flash "HOT" to prompt the high temperature and improve the safety of the operator;

7. Independent safety loop control system, automatically stop heating when the safety temperature exceeds 320°C, improve the safety of users;

8. The maximum stirring capacity (water) is 3L.

Third, the principle of the product

Using the principle of same-sex repulsion and opposite-sex attraction of magnetic field, the magnetic field is used to push the magnetic stir stir bar placed in the container to rotate in a circle, so as to achieve the purpose of stirring the liquid.

Fourth, technical parameters

1. Working plate size: Ø135mm (5 inches);

2. Plate material: ceramic coated stainless steel plate;

3. Maximum stirring capacity (water): 3L;

4. Speed range: 200-1500rpm;

5. Speed display: LED;

6. Temperature display: LED;

7. Heating temperature range: room temperature -280°C;

8. Heating liquid temperature control accuracy: ±1 (<100°C) ±1% (>100°C);

9. Temperature display accuracy: ±1°C;

10. Accuracy of external temperature sensor: PT1000 (accuracy±0.2°C);

11. Waste heat warning function: 50°C;

12. Overheat protection: 320°C;

13. Motor type: brushless DC motor;

14. Number of mixing points: 1;

15. Maximum size and length of stir bar: 50mm;

16. Enclosure protection level: IP42;

17. Motor input power: 5W;

18. Motor output power: 3W;

19. Power: 515W;

20. Thermal output power: 500W;

21. Power supply: 100-120V/200-240V, 50/60Hz;

22. Size(L×W×H): 150×260×100mm;

23. Weight: 1.8kg;

24. Allowable ambient temperature: 5-40°C;

25. Allowable relative humidity: 80% RH;

5. Standard configuration

1. One host.

Magnetic stirrer