Magnetic stirrer

Magnetic stirrer


Use of a product

It is mainly used to stir liquids or solid-liquid mixtures of low viscosity.


Two product characteristics

1. CNC speed control, speed range 200-1500rpm;

2. The maximum stirring amount of water is 3L;

3. LED display speed.


Principle of three products

Using the principle of the magnetic field of the same sex repulsion, opposites attract, the magnetic field is used to push the magnetic stirrer placed in the container for circular operation, so as to achieve the purpose of stirring the liquid.


Four technical parameters

1. Working disk size: Ø135mm (5 inches);

2. Maximum mixing volume (water) : 3L;

3. Number of stirring points: 1;

4. Maximum length of stirrer: 50mm;

5. Speed range: 200-1500rpm;

6. Speed display: LED;

7. Motor type: DC brushless motor;

8. Shell protection grade: IP42;

9. Motor input power: 5W;

10. Motor output power: 3W;

11. Power: 15W;

12. Power supply: 100-120V/200-240V, 50/60Hz;

13. Size (L×W×H) : 150×260×80mm;

14. Weight: 1.8kg;

15. Allowable ambient temperature: 5-40℃;

16. Allowed relative humidity: 80%RH;


Five standard configurations

1. One host.

Magnetic stirrer