Filter media

Filter media

Brand: Thmorgan
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  • Product Use:

Filter cotton is used for circulating water filtration in zebrafish breeding system, which can effectively inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria and planktonic algae

The filter column is composed of a three-stage filter element (PPF+UDF+CTO). It is used in zebrafish breeding systems, and is used for pre-treatment of tap water intakeFilter columnsFiltering

Activated carbon is used in the fish tank of the zebrafish culture system to improve the water quality of the fish tank.


  • Features:
  1. Filter cotton:

1.1 High density, high water permeability, glue-free, easy to wash and durable.

1.2 Filter fish feces to reduce germs and improve water quality.

1.3 It can be cut according to actual needs.

  1. Filter Column:

2.1 Food-grade polypropylene PP material, safe to use.

2.2 Remove sediment, rust, colloidal impurities, etc.

2.3 Weighted PP cotton, acupuncture process, good filtration effect.

  1. Activated carbon:

3.1 Super strong nano culture balls, good filtration effect.

3.2 It is made of high temperature firing, hard and strong, no pulverization and no slag.

3.3 It contains minerals and trace elements, simulates the natural ecological aquaculture water body, and effectively purifies the water quality.


  • Technical parameters

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Physical drawing



Filter cotton


It can be tailored according to actual needs


Filter columns

Filtration accuracy: 1/5 micron
Product size: 250×70mm
Filter element specification: 10 inch universal filter element
inner diameter size: 28mm

It is composed of three stages of filter element (PPF + UDF + CTO).


activated carbon


Diameter: Approximately 2.5cm Weight
: Approximately 10g

Raw ore balls

Filter media