Soil testing sample pre-treatment

Soil testing sample pre-treatment

1. Product features

1. Planetary movement mode, more suitable for processing a large number of samples;

2. High efficiency: 4L samples can be processed at the same time;

3. Sample volume: 250ml-1L optional;

4. Sample stage gear transmission, the speed is more accurate;Tomorgan

5. Microcomputer controller, can freely set the speed, operation mode and time;

6. High safety, with safety lock and emergency stop switch.

Second, the use of the product

1. Suitable for grinding of soil agrochemical analysis samples;

2. Suitable for grinding and processing of soil heavy metal detection samples;

3. Suitable for grinding of soil organic analysis samples;

4. Suitable for grinding and processing of a large number of samples of various scientific research;

Third, the product principle

This product is equipped with four grinding tanks on the same sample stage, when the sample stage rotates, the grinding tank rotates around the center and rotates around its own axis for planetary motion. The grinding balls in the tank collide with each other in high-speed motion, thus achieving the effect of grinding and mixing samples.


4. Technical parameters

1. Number of grinding tanks: 4;

2. Grinding tank volume: 0.25L-1L;

3. Speed range: revolution: 35-335r/min, rotation: 70-670r/min;

4. Speed ratio: revolution/rotation = 1/2;

5. Transmission mode: gear transmission;

6. Feed particle size: ≤10mm;

7, Minimum output granularity: 0.1um;

8. Timing range: 0-9999h;

9. Movement mode: can be unidirectional, can be two-way;

10. Grinding can material: stainless steel, zirconia, agate, corundum, tungsten carbide, nylon, polyurethane, PTFE optional;

11. Grinding ball material: stainless steel, agate, zirconia and other optional;

12. Voltage: 220V;

13. Power: 750W;

14. Weight: about 96KG;Tomorgan

15. Equipment size: 750mm×470mm×564mm.

5. Configuration

1. One host;

2. 1 set of agate grinding tank;

3. 1 set of grinding beads.

6. Reference for the selection of grinding tank material

serial number

Sample type

Grinding tank material


Soil type and samples that are not allowed to bring in impurities

Onyx material


Metallic and non-metallic samples are not allowed to bring impurities

Zirconia material


High hardness samples such as diamond and cemented carbide

Tungsten carbide material


Strong acids, strong alkalis and high temperature conditions, etc






Pigments, subsequent high-temperature treatment samples

Pigments, subsequent high-temperature treatment samples


Ceramic glazes and other samples containing aluminum

Alumina (corundum) material


Samples of electronic materials such as lithium batteries

Polyurethane material


Samples that are easy to oxidize and require special atmosphere protection

Vacuum grinding tank